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Any way you look at it,

some of the best SEOs in Canada makes SEO an on-page optimization world perfect! But Google recently dropped down Penguin 2.0 and Frankly, its was really nothing to worry about if your on top of your on-page optimization tweaks. If not then you have a whole lot to worry about, but no fear this article is going to tell you how to properly optimize your page.

First things first, you either do this yourself or follow a seo blog, either or you have to know that each time you update your website text it is critical to make a full back up of your website. Even seasoned veterans have lost all their work due to one bad click,  never mind the fact that this could cause your website to drop to 10th page literally over night! So its a good practice to back up your site before you do any work at any time. You’ll need some of the best SEO in Canada to perform these duties.

Search engine crawlers do just that, they crawl your website. They read from left to right just like we do but the search engine spiders read in columns from left to right and what ever they take back to Google cant be fixed until the next time they crawl, so a good rule of thumb is to set your website crawl rate to every day. This way any mishap with your websites ranking can be relinquished the very next days, (in most cases).

The crawlers first read the meta-tags to determine what kind of niche and information that is expected on this website. The title and description tags are essential for your success full on-page optimization.

From a recent Penguin 2.0 related comment by Matt Cutts, hes is quoted in saying  “We like to see your websites keywords once or maybe twice”. (This recently has been tested and is in effect) 

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Keyword placement

So taking this into consideration when doing our keyword placement, our main keywords will be mentioned in the website title and once in the body and your and your sub keywords will be mentioned once into he website description and once in the body as well.

Make sure when you place your keywords in your web copy you place your main keywords in the first paragraph, this is not proven to enhance any rankings but many feel it does enhance the focus of the website for the crawlers. You want your other sub keywords evenly distributed throughout your web copy.

The keywords in “Garage cleaning service” are, #1 – garage, #2 – cleaning, #3 – service. You want them to be separate or all together but only once on your web copy. You should add at least one image to the body of your text and don’t keyword in-rich the alt text but put a niche related info, eg… “Google ranking image”

All in all what you don’t want to do is have your main or sub  ( Canadian SEO company or Canada SEO services ) keywords mentioned on your website, meta/image title tags included, more than twice, period. Matt Cutt’s was very adamant about this.

If you get some friends to read and honestly give you a review on your website they should find it full of information and easy to understand. This is what Google wants, to see good, high quality content for their users.

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